Long Beach


310 National Boulevard, Long Beach, NY 11561

Roni Kleinman, Assistant Executive Director, rkleinman@friedbergjcc.org
Karen Horowitz, Director of Early Childhood, khorowitz@friedbergjcc.org

Jill Knudsen, Early Childhood Coordinator, jknudsen@friedbergjcc.org
Michelle Zabrocki, Coordinator of Bright Beginnings, mzabrocki@friedbergjcc.org
Gail Gillespie, School Age Program Coordinator, ggillespie@friedbergjcc.org

Early Childhood Hours: 7:30 am–6 pm • Extended Hours Available For All Programs


18 months2 years
3, 4 or 5 days 9 am–3 pm
2 years
3, 4 or 5 days 9 am–12 pm | 9 am–3 pm
3 years 3, 4 or 5 days 9 am–12 pm | 9 am–3 pm
4 years
Universal Pre-K
5 days 9 am–12 pm
Pre-Kindergarten  5 days 9 am–12 pm | 12–3 pm | 9 am–3 pm
Traditional Pre-K 5 days 12–3 pm
Public Pre-K Supplement  5 days 9 am–12 pm | 12–3 pm

First Steps (18 mos. +)

DSC_05789 am–3 pm

As your infant grows into a toddler, development of language and future literacy skills are greatly enhanced through daily activities and thematic units. Social skills will develop through interaction with their friends, learning to take turns, sharing, laughter, participation and above all having fun.

Adventures for Me (2 years)

9 am–12 pm | 9 am–3 pm

Our two-year olds have great fun in this beginning school experience. For many two’s, this is also a first time separation. Our experienced staff will gently guide your child to a place of trust and security. Another important goal of our two year old program is language development. Children are encouraged to express themselves through language as a means of communication. Your child will have varied opportunities to further develop, expand and strengthen fine and gross motor skills. Our two’s develop social skills by interacting with both peers and adults.

Nursery (3 years)

9 am–12 pm | 9 am–3 pm

Our three-year olds are introduced to a broad academic curriculum in our language and literature rich classrooms through play and small group instruction. Early math concepts are presented throughout the day, providing your child with a foundation of readiness skills. Small and gross motor development, expansion of social skills, science, music, computers, and art will also be part of your three year old’s experience.

Universal Pre-K  (4 years)

9–12 pm, 5 days

Only Long Beach residents are eligible for this no-cost program. Please note: limited space

Pre-Kindergarten (4 years)Merrick

9 am–12 pm OR 12–3 pm, 5 days
9 am–3 pm, 5 days

Based on the philosophy that children learn best through experience, this program uses a hands-on multi-sensory approach to pre-kindergarten. Emergent curriculum and diversified teaching strategies ensure that new and current topics are introduced on a daily basis. Transportation to and from Pre-K can be arranged through the Long Beach school district.

Traditional Pre-K (4 years)

12–3 pm, 5 days

Designed to further enrich Early Childhood Jewish Education, this program teaches all Pre-K curriculum areas in both English and Hebrew. Extended hours are available at an additional charge.

Public Pre-K Supplement (3 yrs. 9 mos. by Sep)

Children attending public 1/2-day Pre-K or our Universal Pre-K program can also spend the second half of their day with us. We have designed our program to complement the public school Pre-K curriculum. Either am or pm bus transportation to or from school is provided by the Long Beach School District

Specials during our school day include the following:

Yoga – In this imaginative series, we combine simple yoga poses with engaging songs, puppets and stories that exercise social, sensory and motor skills while increasing flexibility.

Zumba – This class offers fun, high energy music and dance routines. Children will get to dance and sing along to their favorite songs. This class will help increase focus and self-confidence as well as enhancing coordination and gross motor skills.

Music – This class include songs, rhymes, movement and fingerplay. These activities include language development, cognitive development, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, social emotional development and musical development.