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Oceanside Staff: Main Number, 766-4341

15 Neil Court, Oceanside

Executive Office

Arnie Preminger, President & CEO 766-4341  x104 
Joni Center, Executive Director 634-4145  
Sheryl Smith, Chief Operating Officer-  766-4341  x102 
   Special Projects & Administration      
Karen Szteinberg, Executive Assistant 634-4144  
Nicki Kirchner, Executive Administrative Assistant 634-4197  
Gail Bennett, Administrative Assistant 634-4182  

Supervisory Staff

Orlando Ariza, Special Projects Director  634-4147  
Dulcie Auerfeld, Assistant Director, Sunrise on Wheels 634-4107  

Lisa Charschan, Assistant Director of Adult Services 634-4169  
Nicole Faber, Sunrise on Wheels Coordinator 634-4107  
Julie Feinman, DIrector of Membership Services

Beth Fetner, Vice President of Agency Development  634-4196   
Judy Fishkind, Director of Marketing  634-4149   
Bonnie Flatow, Director of Hospital & Community Relations,   634-4158   
    Director of Sunrise on Wheels, Sunrise Day Camp      
Hakeem Gaines, General Manager, Health  & Fitness 634-4172   
Frank Jimenez, General Manager of Facilities 634-4013  
Corey Katz, Director of Adult Services 634-4151  
Joan Goldfaden, Director of Travel & Maccabi Sports  634-4168   
Bonni Gould, Development Associate 634-4143  
Stacey Gross, Assistant Graphic Designer  634-4198   
Roz Grossman, Chief Financial Officer  634-4152   
Marcy Hallerman, Program Director for Support & Social Services  634-4173  
Chip Healy, Director of Voyagers Camp    766-4341  x154 
Karen Horowitz, Director of Parenting Resource Network  634-4192   
Lori Innella-Venne, Program Director 634-4177  
Sharon Kaufman, Development Administrative Assistant 634-4174  
Shari Kopelman, Senior Director for Agency Development 766-4341  
Pamela Lerner, Director of Social Services  634-4010   
Jean Marie Marciano, Director of Theatre Camp 634-4183   
Alice Markinson, Director of Camping Services  634-4175  
Alice Markinson, Bellmore Rec & Bellmore/Merrick Teens 634-4175  
Kathy Meyerson, Early Childhood Administrative Assistant   634-4164  
Helene Nelson, Director of Early Childhood   634-4167   
Alisa Oskowsky, Human Resources/Assistant to CFO   634-4150   
Patricia Paisley, Graphic Designer   634-4198   
Jason Perun, Youth Services Coordinator  634-4179   
Amy Pilott, Development Associate  634-4191   
Melissa Preminger, Marketing Associate 634–4154  
Jill Reid, Development Administrative Assistant 634-4176  
Tamar Segura, Coordinator of Special Events &  634-4148   
    Donor Relations      
Carol Shore, Assistant Director of Membership Services 634-4153   
Deanna Slade, Assistant Camp Director, Sunrise Day Camp 634-4193  
   & Year Round Program Coordinator      
Dianne Smith, Early Childhood Administrative Assistant   634-4164  
Leah Spindell, Coordinator of Sunrise Services  634-4199   
Michele Vernon, Sunrise Day Camp Executive Director  634-4146   

Paula Wall, Co-Director of Early Childhood


John Wozniak, Aquatics Director  634-4184   


Yvette Boikess, A/R  634-4159   
Lisa Diamond, Assistant Bookkeeper Clerk 766-4341 x121
Jolie Gilbert Accounts Payable  634-4186   
Ellen Lash, A/R  634-4162   
Esther Mor, A/R  766-4341  x120 
Valarie Schneider, Assistant Bookkeeper  766-4341  x147 

Front Office 

Carol Kopelman, Reception & After-School Registrar 766-4341  x140 
Linda Landskowsky, Reception  766-4341  x100 
Denise Lundenberg, Office Manager  766-4341  x115 
Donna Sherwood, Reception 766-4341  x100 
Debbie Strahl, Reception    766-4341



Fitness Center Desk

  766-4341  x141 

Aquatics Office

  766-4341  x144 

Parenting Resource Network Warm Line


David H. Sonabend Long Beach Branch Staff: 431-2929

Roni Kleinman, Vice President of Long Beach Services,

Jill Knudsen, Coordinator of Early Childhood,

Jill Gartland, Co-Coordinator of Early Childhood and Coordinator of Bright Beginnings Coordinator,

Tami Bainlardi, School Age Program Coordinator,

JoAnn Camporeale, Office Manager,


Merrick/Bellmore Branch Staff: 379-9386

Ellen Hoffman, Vice President of Merrick/Bellmore Services,

Laura Gilady, Assistant Director,

Bonnie Martin, Director of Birch After School Program

Elaine Vitale, Office Manager

Cecelia Lyons, Administrative Assistant,

Orlando Martinez, Maintenance

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