Before and After School at Bellmore Schools

The JCC Runs the same quality before and after school programs in the Bellmore School District at the  Reinhard School from 7–9 am and 3–6 pm. Please contact Lori Innella-Venne, Program Director at 516-634-4177 or for more information.

Birch Enrichment Program

The JCC’s Sports & Enrichment Program offers children residing in Merrick School District 25 an opportunity to join active and creative classes after school. One-hour classes are held at Birch Elementary between 46 pm, MondayFriday, during each of three scheduled sessions. Children opting for both hours are escorted to the second class. Courses include active sports, karate and dance; creative crafts, cooking, art, challenging chess and science. Please contact Bonnie Martin, Director, Enrichment Activity Program, 516-379-9386, 516-771-5375 or 516-783-0586;

JCC Connection Transportation to Merrick Jewish Centre Hebrew School

Need to get your child to Hebrew School? The JCC can pick them up from Merrick and Bellmore schools! After arriving at the JCC, children will be given a nutritious Kosher snack, start their homework and be delivered to their Hebrew school class at 4:15 p.m.

Please call 516-379-9386 for more information.

Merrick Early Childhood

Please see our Early Childhood section for additional information.