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We want to show you the world, near and far…

Maine GroupOur travel program seeks to give everyone a special experience. Whether we’re sailing in Cape Cod, listening to music at the Grand Old Opry or riding the elegant subways in Russia, we do it together and we do it amongst friends. Our trips can be many things to many people; a form of education, a time to learn about people and places, or a new beginning. Whether you’ve traveled with us many times or you are signing up for the first time, you’ll be welcomed, included and surrounded by friends, old and new. If you’re traveling by yourself for the first time, you may be traveling as a single, but you’ll never be alone; you’ll be part of the JCC family. 

We want you to come away from all of our trips feeling joyful, renewed and enlightened. Our trips include both Jewish heritage sights and all the iconic sight for which an area is known. Anytime you join a trip or just walk into our building,  a warm and friendly welcome will always await you!

Cuba, A Caribbean Gem | January 2017

Come visit this very interesting country. The people are warm and welcoming, the weather is perfect and the culture is most enjoyable. Visit the Jewish Communities, the museums, the art galleries, hear the rhythms of the music! Now, with some restrictions lifted, we will take you to the beautiful beach resorts to spend a night or two. There is so much more to Cuba than you can even imagine. The JCC has done the trip for the last 5 years and we do it well!