Board of Directors

As of 6/30/2017

Board of Directors

Board Chair
Fred Richman

Immediate Past Chair
Theodore Richman*

Vice Chairs
Gila Klein

Bruce Sobel

President & CEO Emeritus
Arnie Preminger

Allan Carlton*

Corresponding Secretary
Richard Fromewick

Stuart Brenner*

Roger Folz**
Barry Friedberg**
Florence Friedberg**
Annora Gilman*
Henry Goldberg
Michael Greenseid
Gary Hisiger
Hy Kapito
Maurice J. Levin**
Lawrence J. Levine
Brooke Seligson  
Hon. Denise Sher
Kasey Ziff

Honorary Trustees
Roz Sonabend

Dr. David H. Sonabend **

Executive Director
Joni Center

Associate Executive Director
Roni Kleinman

Assistant Executive Director
Kim Ash

*past presidents



Whistleblower Policy